Comparison between Cerium and Thorium Tungsten Electrode

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Cerium tungsten electrode, namely tungsten ceriated electrode with grey end color, comprises of a nominal 2WT-% of graded cerium oxide. Cerium stands out from
thorium for not being a radioactive material. Used for the fabrication of stainless
steel, titanium and other alloys, our machine is good at most on-field operations
and comes with a promise of good power back-up and reasonable power usage.
cerium tungsten electrode

Cerium tungsten electrode has properties:

Impurity quantity % Other impurity Electric discharged power Color
1.8~2.2% <0.2% 2.7~2.8 grey

Another reason for cerium tungsten electrode differs from thoriated tungsten electrode is that cerium tungsten also tends to last longer than thoriated and can be used proficiently with AC or DC. In manual applications, the ceriated tungsten will provide slightly different electrical characteristics than the Thoriated tungsten but generally the operator will see no difference. Generally, it is used to weld carbon and stainless steel, nickel alloy and titanium.

Cerium tungsten electrode has the following merit compared to the thorium tungsten electrode: it is non-radioactivity, has low melting rate, long welding life, and good arc welding. That is to say, cerium tungsten electrode has good starting arc performance under the condition of low current. The arc current is low, therefore, the electrode can be used for welding of pipe, stainless and fine parts. Cerium tungsten is the first choice for replacing thoriated tungsten electrode under the condition of low DC.

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