Composite Tungsten Electrode

Besides pure tungsten electrode, thoriated tungsten electrode, lanthanated tungsten electrode, cerium tungsten electrode, zirconiated tungsten electrode and yttrium tungsten electrode, and such tungsten electrode with one other rare earth element, there are some tungsten electrode that are added with one more elements. The performance of composite tungsten electrode are much improved by adding two or more rare Earth oxides which are mutually complementary. Composite tungsten electrode, new type composite tungsten electrode, have become so different from those with one rare earth.

The Multi-composite rare earth tungsten electrode is the tungsten material with two or more rare earth oxide. Each additive works to the benefit of others and serves as a complement as the same time.

Electrode Name Trade mark Added impurity Impurity quantity Other impurities Tungsten Electric discharged powe
WRex ReOx 1.00 - 4.00% <0.20% The rest 2.45 - 3.1

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