Copper Tungsten Electrode

copper tungsten electrode

Copper tungsten electrode's symbol is WCu. It has good physical and mechanical properties, such as high thermal and electrical conductivity. As to its supply state, copper tungsten electrode can be offered in sintering, tuming, grinding and finishing.

The technique of copper tungsten electrode is copper infiltered tungsten block in vacuum high temperature stove. During processing, proportion of copper and tungsten can be 60W/Cu, 70W/Cu, 75W/Cu, 80W/Cu, 85W/Cu, and 90W/Cu.

There is a table to show its physical properties:

  Chemical content (%) Density (g/cm3) Resistance max µΩcm IACS (%) min  Hardness (HB)
Cu W
60W/Cu 40 60 12.75 3.7 47 140
70W/Cu 30 70 13.80 4.1 42 180
75W/Cu 25 75 14.50 4.5 38 200
80W/Cu 20 80 15.10 5.0 34 220
85W/Cu 15 85 15.90 5.7 30 240
90W/Cu 10 90 16.75 6.5 27 260

Copper tungsten electrode is widely used in sealed cap for transistors sealing welder, contactor materials for high-voltage switches, electrode for spark processing, circuit breakers, and etc.

Besides copper tungsten electrode, there are some other tungsten copper products:

Copper tungsten abnormal pieces copper tungstnen rings copper tungsten rod
Copper tungsten abnormal
Copper tungsten rings Copper tungsten rod

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