Processing of Tungsten Electrode

Tungsten electrode can be processed by the method of powder metallurgy.

Such as cerium tungsten electrode,the cerium tungsten electrode processing is similar to yttrium tungsten electrode.First of all, make tungsten coated powder. Then reduce it to tungsten powder. Finally, press and sinter powder into electrode.

Tungsten is an essential industrial processes Welding Equipment.

Many different kinds of tungsten electrode, but, on the market and use of thorium tungsten electrode and cerium tungsten electrode or the most used, the reason is that domestic insufficient understanding of thorium reflective damage, need to strengthen guidance in the sales process.

Tungsten electrode as one of the industrial welding, welding equipment, actually is both welding materials and electrician electrical, this kind of welding materials in welding without burning not melt has a loss.

China's tungsten raw vendor groups is not great, but with the normal use of the world's supply in many countries, and that this thing though seemingly mysterious door into the bar, but also very low, so the overall industry level reference times uneven.

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