Pure Tungsten Electrode

Pure Tungsten electrode

A Pure tungsten electrode is a tungsten electrode without any addition of oxide, which allows the tip to form a clean, balled end which provides good arc stability on AC. The power of electronic transgression is as high as 4.5ev. Requiring a high voltage for arc derivation, it has a low current capacity and is easily burnt. It’s good for application under the condition of AC and in the situation of low welding requirements.

The color code of pure tungsten electrode is green. Pure tungsten electrode, which can be shorted to WP, are made of pure tungsten with more than 99.95% tungsten. Pure tungsten electrode has the highest consumption rate of all electrode and is typically less expensive than “alloyed” counterparts.

Pure tungsten electrode can also provide a clean, balled tip when heated. This shape offers especially good arc stability for AC welding with a balanced waveform. Pure Tungsten electrode also provide good arc stability for AC sine wave welding on aluminum and magnesium. They are not, however, used for DC welding. Pure Tungsten electrode is used extensively in various industries for specific welding applications.

The most widely used of pure tungsten electrode is used in AC welding under alternating current. And it is generally used in the welding of aluminum and magnesium alloys (AC) and used under alternating current.

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