Thoriated Tungsten Electrode

thoriated tungsten electrode

Thoriated tungsten electrode is the most commonly used tungsten electrode in the United States. And it is used primarily in DC welding. It has a low work function and provides a high load and amperage capability. The health safety issue of 2% Thoriated tungsten has recently raised concerns regarding inhalation and disposal of the Thorium. It has a good property and conductivity reaches WT20 electrode, it can be used alternating current and works well.

2% Thoriated tungsten electrode contains a nominal 2 wt-% or thorium oxide (ThO2) that is evenly dispersed throughout the entire length of the Tungsten. The most common type of Tungsten used today. Provides excellent resistance from weld pool contamination while at the same time offers the welder easier arc starting capabilities and a more stable arc.

Besides 2% thoriated tungsten electrode whose color code is red, there are some other types, which are divided by its tungsten content.

Type Additives W% Color Code
WT10 ThO2 >98.4 yellow
WT20 ThO2 >97.5 red
WT30 ThO2 >96.5 purple
WT40 ThO2 >95.6 orange

Thoriated Tungsten electrode are the most commonly used tungsten material, Thoria is low-level radioactive material, but it is was the first to display a significant improvement over pure tungsten.

Thoriated tungsten electrode are generally used for DC electrode negative or straight polarity applications such as carbon & stainless steels, nickel alloys and titanium, as they operate well even when overload with extra amperage, and then improve the performance of welding.

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